Eldo Prancer Rock Guiding



My name is Greg German. I am an AMGA Certified Rock Instructor and Single Pitch Instructor

Why 'Eldo Prancer'?
Good question. My wife tells me I have an odd sense of humor.
I learned to climb in Eldorado Canyon State Park, and 'Eldo' is my favorite climbing destination. It also has a reputation for a unique and funky style of climbing. The term 'Eldo Prancer' is thrown around on the climbing blogs (MountainProject, Supertopo, etc) as a demeaning reference to Eldo climbers. The meaning is vague, but the gist is that the strange misfits that frequent Eldo are somehow less manly than climbers elsewhere. (I think that some folks are just jealous of what a great place Eldo is.) I'm not the quintessential 'Eldo Prancer', but I'll wear the label for a laugh.
It's a name you'll remember.

What sort of climbing experience do I have?

I learned to climb after I joined the CMC (Colorado Mountain Club ) in 2001. I discovered that my 6'9" wingspan gave me a natural advantage. I fell in love with the sport. From 2006 to 2010 I was the co-director, then director of the CMC's Trad Lead Climbing School. I designed a curriculum where students learn to build anchors and place lead climbing protection on multi-pitch routes. I find teaching beginners to be very rewarding, and I've been told that I am a very positive, encouraging, and patient man.

In 2008 I became an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, and in 2012 I became a Certified Rock Instructor.

I enjoy most types of technical rock climbing: trad, sport, aid, bouldering. I've done a few big wall climbs in Zion and Yosemite.


Here is a two part video of me teaching climbing technique to some children at the CMC climbing wall.
Part I:

Part II:

Useful knots & skills-

Equalizing 8

Double loop 8

Mule Knot










4 - 6

clients (max)

half day single pitch
full day single pitch
half day multi-pitch
full day multi-pitch
self-rescue class (1-6 clients) $300
customized lessons


If you are a novice, you may need to rent some shoes from a local climbing shop in order to climb.

Shoes: Climbing shoes are a necessity. If you are trying out your first pair, go for comfort instead of a super-tight fit.

Chalk Bag:(optional, depending on how much your hands sweat)

Harness: I can supply a harness if you don't have one.

Belay Device: I can supply a belay device and locking carabiner.

Helmet: I can supply a helmet.

Other Supplies

Other items to collect for a day of climbing:

hiking shoes: flip-flops are generally a bad idea. Teva® or Chaco®-style sandals can be ok if you are accustomed to hiking in them, but a good sturdy trail running shoe is better.

loose-fitting pants/shorts: You need good range of motion, so tight pants aren't a good idea. Short-shorts and harnesses are also a bad combination.

water bottle or Camelbak® You'll need one or two liters, minimum.

small backpack:For carrying a rain jacket or fleece, sunblock, snacks, camera, etc.



    Post: Greg German
    13289 Lost Lake Way
    Broomfield, CO, 80020


  • From Shreveport, Louisiana

  • BA, Fine Art | Baylor University

  • MA, Biomedical Communications | UT Southwestern

  • Occupation(s): Luthier *, Guide

  • *visit www.germanguitars.com
  • Former President, Action Committee for Eldorado

  • Former Director, Denver Group CMC Trad Lead Climbing School


  • AMGA Certified Rock Instructor

  • AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor

  • Wilderness First Responder

  • CPR certified

Favorite/memorable climbs:

  • 2004 - Rewritten | Redgarden Wall | Eldo

  • 2005 - Kiener's Route | RMNP

  • 2006 - Petit Grepon | RMNP

  • 2007 - Moonlight Buttress | Zion

  • 2008 - Time Wave Zero | El Potrero Chico, MX

  • 2009 - Salathe Wall | El Capitan | Yosemite

  • 2010 - Serenity/Sons | Yosemite

  • 2011 - Captain Beyond | Mickey Mouse | Eldo

  • 2012 - Rainbow Highway | Black Wall | Mt.Evans

  • 2013 - Turnkorner | Sundance | Lumpy Ridge

Mule Knot (untying)

Prusik Knot

One-handed* Clove hitch

One-handed technique for racking alpine slings

Hauling systems diagram from self-rescue course

I operate within the Certified Guides Cooperative.
Contact me to get on the calendar and we will plan a CGC trip together.
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